What We did in London and Paris - Her Dream Vacation What We did in London and Paris - Her Dream Vacation

What We did in London and Paris

Written by Stamie Turner on May 29, 2015

London-ParisEvery women only tour is different.  The group dynamics are different, the weather is different and the challenges of travel are different.  The good news is I show I up early to make sure all of the elements of your dream vacation run smoothly. I check out the local happenings, meet with the guides and inspect the hotels. Things change and I will not hesitate to make changes to existing itineraries, hotels, guides, tours to ensure you are comfortable and that my standards are met. IMG_9896

Being comfortable after you have settled in, become familiar and have adapted a routine to help empower you to get out and explore on your own.  Women traveling together helps relieve some of the tensions.  You make new friends.  You share in common interests and you empower each other to do your own thing! Alone but not lonely! You have new friends to check in with, to run around with and friends who will miss you if you are late to dinner!

Not every itinerary meets every need but there is flexibility to include activities that may interest you and give you alone time. Alone time for women traveling is just as important as sharing. Traveling with Her Dream Vacation is about taking care of YOU. You will have your own private room unless you choose to share. You will have time to explore on your own. You will have time to take care of YOU.11116281_10205359375482507_2180636704968508500_o

But we also do a lot together! And we did a lot in London and Paris.  We stayed in a beautiful English boutique hotel with English antiques and a beautiful Parisian hotel with French antiques.  It was fun to compare the two hotels, the breakfast foods, the cities and the way of life.  So different but yet, so much the same.

As much as I try to be in control, there are times where it isn’t always possible. I have no control over the weather and thankfully, London showed her worse side only on the day of our arrival. However, we were able to work around it and spent a lovely evening at The Troubadour.

the-troubadour-cafe-londonThe Troubadour is an iconic music venue with a roster of performing artists including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Don McLean, Adele, Joni Mitchell…the list goes on.  It was a great evening for the music lovers in our group and a reprieve from the notorious London weather.


IMG_9951But the weather changes and we were in for some beautiful days. From touring the city of London in a classic Morris Minor, visiting Harrod’s with the fabulous displays, wandering Kensington Palace, cruising along the Thames, glimpsing the Crown Jewels at The Tower of London, discovering more about the great works of Shakespeare at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, enjoying an afternoon High Tea and an ongoing comparison of pubs…we loved us some London!

IMG_0071We also spent an evening in the West End theatre district where we saw the amazing Beautiful: A Carole King Musical in the historic Aldwych Theatre.  And during some free time, the ladies visited the Royal Albert Hall where the guest for the evening was Eric Clapton!  Such a treat to see a musical icon in a historic venue and a legendary city. So much to see and do and we all agreed that an entire week could be spent in London alone!

IMG_0086But it was soon off to Paris on the fabulous Eurostar train.  A quick trip and we arrive in Paris where we are met by our private driver and taken to our beautiful Parisian boutique hotel. Our guide, Delphine, meets us for a late afternoon walk through our neighborhood of Saint Germain where we stop into bakeries, private gardens, learn some history, talk about the artists and writers who were there before us and finish in Luxembourg Gardens with a bottle of French Champagne.  What a beautiful welcome to Paris!


The days that follow are filled with tours of Montmartre, Le Marais and an overview of the beautiful City Of Lights, a champagne cruise along the Seine, a climb of the Eiffel Tower, a visit to the Mona Lisa and shopping at the festive and fashionable Printemps.

IMG_0276But this dream vacation was not complete until we visited the beautiful Palace of Versailles. The sheer opulence of living during the time of Louis XIV is breath taking. The stories told and the beautiful gardens take you back to a time of elegance and you truly feel you are living the dream. But as this dream vacation started with a Troubadour, I was able to surprise my guests with tickets to opening night of the Paris Jazz Festival with fabulous blues acoustic guitarist Eric Bibb. This wonderful performer with his back up gospel choir and amazing African musician friend playing the beautiful kora was performing at the Eglise Saint Germain des pres. It was a great ending to a wonderful dream vacation!

Au revoir Paris!IMG_0235

From our pre vacation discussions, I know your interests and work very hard to add a personal element of joy to your vacation. Because of the music lovers, we began our dream vacation with the Troubadour evening and ended our dream vacation with a popular blues artist playing in a 5th century chapel in Paris. Personal touches from pre trip post cards, welcome gifts, surprises along the way and unexpected events….is your dream vacation!  Let me take care of YOU!IMG_2331 (1)

Please take a look at the 2015 and 2016 offerings.  I hope you will join me for a dream vacation! www.herdreamvacation.com