Here are a few tips to make traveling easy. Don’t forget to register for newsletter and get your FREE copy of more travel tips!

Be patient.

Snap photos of important documents and directions.

Observe your surroundings.

Bring an extra bank card.

Have a printed copy of your passport.

Pack a light weight towel.

Be on time.


Make new friends.

Talk to strangers.

Pack Light.

Look Up.

Laugh at yourself.

Slow down.

Keep on open mind.

Get lost.

Learn “please” and “thank you”

Be kind.

As a traveler, we believe we should immerse in the local culture. If you spend time with us on a dream vacation,

  • You will discover more about each place that makes the destination special. Be curious.
  • You will meet the local shop owners because we support ‘shop local’ and small businesses. Be generous.
  • You may meet people who think differently and believe differently than you. Be kind.
  • You may be affronted by people of a different skin color, a different language, a different religious belief and have a different station in life. Be human.
  • You will be subjected to different foods and drinks, most of them healthy. Be willing.
  • You may get off track. Travel is not a linear experience. Be serendipitous.
  • You may get lost on your own. Be adventurous.
  • You will be walking. We believe walking is the best way to discover any destination. Be practical. (Wear good shoes!)

And with us, there is always an opportunity for a cocktail, a boutique shopping experience and a serendipitous moment! Join us!