New friends, New memories, New perspective.

Ready to travel but no one to go with? Be inspired to travel, discover, and experience sophistication and cultural diversity with HER DREAM VACATION…Women Only Travel. Catering to discerning women travelers who want to experience concierge group travel, southern hospitality and fascinating destinations.  Women seeking fun, adventure and themselves.
     Women traveling together to dream destinations with a few new friends and an experienced tour leader. The Dream Vacations are meticulously planned, personally researched and experienced first hand. You will not be disappointed in the extra care that makes Her Dream Vacation, YOUR Dream Vacation.
     HER DREAM VACATION:  Women only tours and travel to dream destinations waiting to be explored.  Travel authentically, live life abundantly…follow your dreams.  Cobblestones and Pomegranates, Her Dream Vacation. Women only travel.  Join Us! Making it easy for you to travel solo when traveling with your best friend, husband or sister is not an option.
     Women traveling alone but together in groups of no more than 12.  It is usually only about 6 which keeps it intimate, easier to get to know each other. Like minded women on new adventures.  Alone but not lonely and traveling solo maybe for the first time or the 10th time but with a new group of friends!  Women from all over the world, who like you want to travel and are more comfortable doing so with a small group.
  Making travel friends for a lifetime.
     This is your time. Your dream vacation because Her Dream Vacation takes care of all of the details. From selecting guides for authentic tours, to finding the best hotels, restaurants and transportation in each destination, this is YOUR dream vacation. Women Only Tours designed with taking care of YOU.  What are you waiting for?