Women like surprises!  Why not surprise a special woman in your life with a gift of travel?  A gift certificate for HER DREAM VACATION. So many women dream of traveling but never make it happen for themselves. Give HER a nudge and empower HER to travel with a small group of women. Surprise HER!   Be the friend, mother, daughter, sister or aunt who wants to help HER  relax, replenish and rejuvenate with the vacation she has been dreaming about.  

Sometimes we just need to get away. Giving a gift of travel to a woman who has experienced the loss of a child, a painful divorce or is a cancer survivor will be remembered always.  Be thoughtful, be endearing.  Surprise HER by celebrating a milestone birthday, engagement, retirement  or a new career.   A customized gift certificate for any occasion.  

You are welcome to call me and we can discuss the appropriateness of the gift certificate and the amount to be applied towards HER DREAM VACATION itinerary.  I can help you choose which vacation will be a good fit.  Let me know how you want to present this thoughtful gift.  I can snail mail an actual certificate direct or email an attachment…From YOU to HER.  She will remember that it was YOU who helped her fulfill HER DREAM VACATION.  How can I help? Email us at info@herdreamvacation.com